mandag 20. september 2010

First blog, first post, first print!

So, how do one start out one of these blog things? How about a historical event?

I hereby present Aida - my RepRap Mendel - and the first output she produced that did something else than not stick to the platform.

 We have low stiction levels.

And it stayed put the whole time, oh joy!

RepSnapper even predicted the strings.
Hi to everyone on #reprap. Thanks a lot guys, wouldn't and couldn't have reached this RepRap milestone without you!

So, why am I starting up this blog thing anyway? I have a fever, and the only cure is MORE REPRAP. So I went to my doctor and told him, and he gave me a RepRap Prescription. How's that for a blog intro? *insert wacky smiley face*

A proper introduction to Aida is appropriate, and is in the works, meaning I have not even started writing it.

Have fun, all my fellow reprappers, and everyone else.